Museums in het Westerkwartier

Beneath you can find an overview of several museums in the Westerkwartier.

Rijtuigmuseum Nienoord:

The museum has the largest collection of carriages and sleighs in the world. The collection is withdrawn from castles, palaces and farms. The museum exhibits a collection of carriages, sleighs and paintings, which changes every year. 

Guided tours on appointment are possible from 1 April till 31 October. During this guided tours the visitor gets information about the carriages and also about the history and culture of the ancient estate of Nienoord.

Museum Sint Bernardushof

The museum St. Bernardushof is located in the oldest house of Aduard (1600). The museum is located in the house since 1997. The permanent collection gives a good idea of the meaning of the work of the Cistercian monastic order. In addition to that, the visitors can experience a specific theme, which changes every year.

Kostuummuseum De Gouden Leeuw

The most striking building in Noordhorn is the one of Museum De Gouden Leeuw. The upstairs hall and the interior are from the eighteenth and nineteenth century and are very unique. The museum also creates a special ambiance for intimate celebrations.

Langestraat 48, Noordhorn

Museum Wierdenland

6oo years before Christ, the northern part of the Netherlands was covered in swamps and marshes. The landscape was constantly exposed to water and wind. Museum Wierdenland in Ezinge gives the visitor an impression of the ancient settlements in the former coastal area of Groningen. 

You will see how the mounds and dikes were raised and levelled and which traces it has left behind in the landscape today, covering a timescale of more than 2000 years. A part of an old farm -together with a part of the mound- are recreated in the museum. One can also find objects found in the mound and children can go treasure hunting, puzzling, play games, and dice with bones.

Museum 't Rieuw

In the barn of the Coendersborg one can find the museum ‘t Rieuw. By using tools, utensils, photographs and other documentations the museum created an image of the development of the farm in the Westerkwartier before mechanization entered the scene. The museum is opened from May 1st, to November 1st on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.30 to 17.00 hours.

(Group visits are also possible outside the regular opening hours)

Bliktrommel museum

A relatively new museum, which revives the time when people used cans, drums and tools. Hein and Tineke Nauta had a grocery store for 30 years in Niezijl. During that period they collected all sorts of cans and drums. Their extensive collection is exhibited in their museum, which is worth visiting. You are welcome when the flag is out, otherwise please make an appointment.

Museum ’t Steenhuis

In the barn of the Iwema Steenhuis one can find the traditional museum ‘t Steenhuis. The interior consists of an authentic bakery shop and a special collection of bakery supplies from 1920. Moreover, you can find a painter museum with a unique collection of art materials from around 1900, a living room and a maid’s room, decorated in the style of the early 20th century. Upstairs you can find a school, shop, café, hairdresser and different kinds of tools for making shoes and working with wood. 

Each year they have a different theme for their exhibition and in the garden, walking paths are made and one can admire different kinds of plants and old fruit species.