Mills in the Westerkwartier

Beneath you can find the special mills that can be visited in the Westerkwartier.

De Eendracht is a mill located north of the village Sebaldeburen. The mill was built in 1887 after a former mill –built in 1801- was burned down. Until 1970 the mill was in professional use. The mill has been restored for several times. During the last restoration both mortars were made to grind again. The voluntary miller lives in the mill house east of the mill and regularly lets the mill drain the polder. 


De Eolus is a mill on the westside of the Aduarderdiep, north of the village Aduard and east of Den Ham and Fransum. ‘De Eolus’ has been restored for several times. The mill is owned by the mill foundation Westerkwartier. The large windows in the walls are very striking and together with some other remains, they are reminders of the house that was situated within the mill. 

De Fortuna, a monument in the village Noordhorn, is a mill, which can grind drain and is also able to peel barley or rice. Around 1800, another mill stood on the same place, but this one burned down in 1890. After that event, the current mill was built by using parts of the demolished mill of Grijpskerk. The municipality of Zuidhorn owns the mill since 1971. In 1983 and 2009, the mill was restored. On the first floor one can find a unique collection of the seventeen historical dioramas created by MR. Enno Spandauw from Uithuizen.

De Jonge Held is a mill of the former water board. The mill, was built in 1829. In the eighties the mill completely drained the polder ‘De Jonge Held’ using the power of the wind. The mill is -in combination with the beautiful millers home- a characteristic image when you drive from the direction of Aduard to the city Groningen.

De Westerhornermolen is a mill between the village Grijpskerk and the village Gaarkeuken. The mill was built in 1829 and was operational -using the power of the wind- until the fifties. After the installation of a diesel engine the use of the power of the wind was no longer necessary, and the mill became neglected. In 1988 the mill was restored to its former glory. It can operate both electric and wind-powered and the mill still is a working consort.

De Zwakkenburgermolenis a mill south of the village Niezijl, east of Grijpskerk and north of the Van Starkenborghkanaal in the Dutch province of Groningen. The mill originally was built in 1865 and was operational until 1955 using the power of the wind. In the same year a diesel engine was installed and the sails were removed. The mill became neglected. Around 1980 the mill was preserved by some people from Groningen. The Mill Foundation Westerkwartier became the owner of the mill. The mill was rebuilt 200 metres south of the original station in 2003. The mill is now on the north side of the channel. The mill is now operational again.