In the Westerkwartier it is relaxed to go hiking. People often hike over unpaved paths, through the woods, along the countryside and along the peat-landscape and the heathland.

For hikers, the Westerkwartier offers some beautiful routes. In cooperation with Staatbosbeheer different routes are developed, which lead the tourist through several unique natural areas that were closed for visitors for many years. The nature developed itself without the interruption of humans, resulting in a very pure landscape, where people become speechless. Besides the so-called Stuunroutes, the following routes are included: ‘t Pad on, de landen in, Nuis; Jilt Dijksheide, Trimunt; and Melle’s pad. For more information about hiking, please contact the tourist information points.

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’t Blôde Fuottenpaad in Opende (province of Groningen) is a path where tourist can experiences many different activities along the way. The purpose is to walk this path on your bare feet. You can discover these activities yourself along the way. It is safe, but because of the unknown it is also a little bit exiting. Children can come along but the little ones should be watched by an adult. ‘T blôde Fuottenpaad is freely-accessible and always open.

The path goes through the landscape of the border of Friesland and Groningen above the village of Opende. As stated on the map benath, the starting point is on the road called Kale Weg. 

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