The Westerkwartier offers you many beautiful fishing spots in the nature. For instance the canal called Van Starkenborghkanaal along the town of Zuidhorn.

You can also go to several fish farms in the region to catch delicious trouts.

Fishing spots in the municipality of Grootegast

The channel called ‘Van Starkenborghkanaal’ -situated in the municipalities of Grootegast and Zuidhorn- offers you excellent fishing spots. 

Fishing spots in the municipality of Leek

It is allowed to fish in every pond in Leek. Only the ponds near the fortres of Nienoord are closed for fishermen. Popular spots are at the Leekstermeer, Hoendiep, and the Letterberterplas

Fishing spots in the municipality of Marum

Trout pond Beek en Bron is located in Niebert, nearby Leek and Marum in the province Groningen. In January 2013 they dug the fourth pond especially for carp fishing. The pond in de Wilp is also a very convenient place to fish.

Fishing spots in the municipality of Zuidhorn

In Grijpskerk fishermen can go to the pond in the recreational park called Enk. One can also go to the ponds of the Joh. Smit Park and Akkerend in Zuidhorn. It is also allowed to fish in the Aduarderdiep and the Van Starkenborghkanaal.

More infomation about fishing spots in the Westerkwartier?
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