The winding roads, the wide landscape and meandering ditches invite the people to actively experience the environment of the Westerkwartier. The wonderful scenery of the Westerkwartier encourages people to cycle many miles. The wide landscape and the special light also inspired many painters.

You can cross the area without the use of a route or follow the theme routes. The Westerkwartier also benefits from the fact that the province of Groningen has the most interactive cycling hub network of the Netherlands.

Cycling routes

The Tourist Information Point in Nienoord in Leek can provide you with descriptions of the Abel Tasman cycling route, Nienoord route, Marheem route, Boerengoed (farmer) route and Schansenspoor, that will take you along the silent witnesses of the Eighty Years War in the Westerkwartier. Or you could cycle along the monks trail, were you follow the tracks of the Cistercian monks, who where very important when looking at the development of the area.

Finally, there is the Zoute Bagel route that will take you along the Tolberter Petten. The lengths of the routes vary from 25 to 40 kilometres.

In addition to these routes one can also find the cycling network in Groningen. This network is characterized by hubs that feature QR codes. When scanning these codes with your smartphone, cyclists can gain extra information along the way about the surrounding area and its attractions.

Because of this development the province Groningen became the first who can offer cyclists the opportunity to provide themselves with information and extra routes along the way.

The network consists of several routes that are connected with each other via hubs (usually crossing roads or paths). The new cycling network is a complement to the ‘ANWB’ routes.