Monks package

Imagine yourself living the life of a monk in Aduard. Feel the atmosphere of the abbey and taste the dishes of the daily life of the monks. Let the package take you back in time, where the monks in and around Aduard, left their marks. 

You will start the experience during a guided tour through the church of Harkema, while having two cups of coffee and delicious apple pie.

The trace of the monks will bring you back to where the day began, the abbey. During the tour you will hear everything about the monastery, but also about the life of the monks.

After all these impressions you can go to the Hotel Restaurant Aduard where you can experience a historical monks buffet. The monks menu consists of dishes that the monks used to eat. The monastery of Aduard was completely self-sufficient and had access to a vegetable and herb garden. The potato did not even exist at that time, something that is almost impossible to imagine.

The complete package costs € 23.50 per person

If you are interested and want to book? Please contact with family Ykema

0594-212541 or 06-41501984

Book now for 23,50

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