Carriage ride From Borg till Havezate

Carriage ride From Borg till Havezate

In the tranquillity of the property -between the majestic trees and where the sunlight shines through the trees- you can hear the sounds of the horses on the roads. Noble people, mail carriages and messengers drove these roads on a daily base in order to show their wealth and power.

You will feel like you’re back on the road and back in time. Follow the rhythm of the nature. The daily pace will become the pace of the horse. 

Koetsierderij Phaeton and Cuisinerie Mensinge offer the people the possibility to experience a beautiful package including a special carriage with a stop at the old carriage house and being treated as a noble person on the property of Mensinge. 

During the ride, guests will get the coffee package offered by Koetsierderij Phaeton at Cuisinerie Mensinge. The package is based on 4 adults; costs are €60 per carriage ride.

Koetsierderij Phaeton, Cuisinerie Mensinge and the Museum Nienoord provide -based on bookings- these amazing rides.

For reservations,  please contact Hoeke Krist by calling 06-22488292 or email:

Book now for 60,00

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