Middag Humsterland

Next to the National Park Lauwersmeer, the National Landscape Middag-Humsterland belongs to the green Westerkwartier. The formal medieval islands  Middag and Humsterland are located north-west from the city Groningen.

The landscape characterized by his well-preserved archaeological interesting mounds. A mound is an embankment of the land where earlier houses were built on. The curved shapes and parcels of the channels remember to the wall trenches between the islands which are now silted up.

All characteristics of the oldest cultivated Netherlands are preserved because there has been no land consolidation. Therefore, Middag-Humsterland requires to be discovered. The winding roads, the wide landscape and the winding ditches and gullies invite you to actively go out. The wondrous landscape makes it possible to be a far cry for cycling, walking and looking around you. The broadness and the special light has inspired many painters. In addition to the cultural history of the landscape and the various mound villages there are many attractions including: the remains of the Cistercian Monastery and Museum in Aduard, Romanesque Churches in Oostrum, and Farmsum and Allersmaborg in Ezinge and Hamster or Piloersmaborg in Den Ham. In Ezinge is also the Museum Wierdenland where everything is to be discerned about the history of the mounds and landscape. Middag-Humsterland is an open and intact landscape where peace and space encourage you to get impressed.

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