As variable and interesting as the landscape and the surrounding of the Westerkwartier is, so many variation there is in relation with the Westerculture. Culture can be described as; everything that is made by human action. Or all things that people think, do and have. Music, theatre, art, local stories, special buildings, use and habits, norms and values and objects.

The Westerculture is in the first place maybe not very visible, but it is however frequently present.

Culture lovers can indulge themselves in the many art galleries where authenticity dominates. Throughout the whole year there are prominent events in the field of music and language. Magical stories about the region from ‘Kom op verhoal’, de Zomer Jazz cycling tour, Top Brass Noord, SWET, concert ‘In Between’ (from opera till musical), Night of Electra, and Robles Rock are also worth visiting. An attractive cultural offer to go to Westerkwartier. In order to fully enjoy, there are special places to spend the night. With a group in a wagon, bed and breakfast in historical houses, sleeping on straw or bedstead, or a nice and quiet spot on one of the many beautifully situated farm camsites. The Westerculture is a collection of cultural aspects, to discover, experience and enjoy for young and old.

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