For a closer acquaintance with the Westerkwartier, the term ‘pure’ regularly pops up. Pure is the meaning of authenticity, real, genuine, bright, clean, and unspoiled. It applies to the landscape and the nature, the regions, villages and cultural heritage, the recreational possibilities, the regional products and the people. The Westerkwartier distinguishes itself compared to other regions.

Pure is also about trust and reliability (you don’t have to lock your bike when visiting a church). The way people interact, and have time for each other, the customer, the tourist, the environment and its local products. Quality combined with attention and time can be found in a range of restaurants, special lodgings and accommodations, nostalgic museums, organic products, art galleries and relaxing activities. There is plenty of room for food lovers, peace seekers, active explorers, curious children, silent lovers, sports fanatics, nature lovers or people with cultural flavour, enthusiastic, creative or just relaxing seniors. Westerkwartier is a perfect place -with respect for the beautiful scenery with its original characteristics- for everybody who wants to see, taste and experience pure fun and entertainment.

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