Garden of Groningen

Westerkwartier is indeed situated in the west of the province of Groningen and in the southern part -where it bounds to the provinces of Drenthe- a beautiful rural landscape where pastures are lined with windbreaks can be found. The northern part shows a variation of the mounds in the landscape, winding roads and meander streams. The area combines tranquillity and space to a place to relax and to escape from the daily routine. The area is also characterized by a large area of nature (Ecological Network) with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The municipalities of Zuidhorn, Leek, Grootegast and Marum show multiple small villages, each with its own character and are carelessly scattered in the beautiful and especially green area.

Westerkwartier is the garden of Groningen and makes the official definition of a garden, ‘an enclosed piece of land’, an honest definition. 

The area offers plenty of choice for everyone to actively or passively recreat and to enjoy the authentic and atmospheric surroundings. It invites and challenges (Blote Voetenpad, a path that should be walked on bare feet) and excites people to go cycling, walking, canoeing, horseback riding, bird watching, admiring plants, or to just to have fun. The garden shows surprising places to explore and provides room for natural and environmental education.

Westerkwartier is easily accessible (via the A7). There is plenty of fun for young and old, peace lovers or active explorers. The versatile and surprising range of recreational possibilities can be read among the various chapters.

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